Review: Eye of the Beholder (Nebraska Historicals #5) by Ruth Ann Nordin

Mary Peters despairs that she will never get married. At nineteen, she has no prospects for finding a husband, so she takes matters into her own hands and becomes a mail order bride. When she arrives in Omaha, Nebraska to meet the man she’s due to marry, he takes one look at her homely appearance and rejects her.

But fate has other plans for Mary, for Dave Larson, happens to be nearby and figures she will make a suitable companion to help him on his farm. Though she is stunned that someone as handsome and as kind as Dave would ask her to marry him, she accepts, realizing that this marriage of convenience will not bear the fruits of love. Love, after all, is for beautiful women.

This was enjoyable plain Jane, homesteading, mail order bride romance. The characters were lovely. It would have been 4 stars but I thought the ending did not follow character and made the book more common than it needed to be. It has a lovely HEA. It has sequel but I am happy to leave things where they are with this couple.

3 Stars (3 / 5)

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