Daegon: Alien Warlord’s Conquest by Vi Voxley Review

Review: 3 Stars (3 / 5)

Daegon: Alien Warlord's Conquest (Scifi Alien-Human Military Romance) - Vi Voxley

A warlord’s choice is not to be questioned…

Zoey Swann deals with the impossible. Impossible assignments, impossible expectations, impossible warlords… But no one’s as difficult, infuriating and enthralling as Daegon, the Corgan warlord the curvy diplomat has to convince to not wreak havoc on his own people and the rest of the alliance along with it. That’s one mission that’s easier said than done, though.

When unexpected forces arise to destroy all Zoey and Daegon hold dear, it’s time to put aside their differences and try to work together.

The fact that it means spending a lot of time together with the fierce warlord is no small bonus, even if it is unexpected.

Daegon has had enough of seeing the Corgan people wither away. Though the new chieftain is the last man he’d trust to lead his kin, dangers that surround the proud warlord lead him to tough decisions. Trust his heart and the little Terran smartmouth who seems to have run off with it, or trust his head and do things the Corgan way.

By killing everything in sight and taking stock later.

Well, maybe there’s a way to do both. Get the girl and save the world.

It can’t be that impossible, right?



This book is a lot of fun. The heroine is smart and the hero is too. The action is no stop and the world building is good. The romance is of the insta love kind and could have used more development but it feels like they do have a relationship worth reading about.


This series and the connected one Brion Brides are fun popcorn books. I really enjoy them. I would like more development of the romance and more time after things calm down to make them books I will reread but at 99 cents and on Kindle Unlimited I gobble them up!

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