Quiver (Terran Times Second Wave Book 33) Viola Grace Review


Quiver (Terran Times Second Wave Book 33) - Viola Grace

Anna’s family has a secret, and she had been left out of the loop until an ancient curse is revealed to be alien DNA. Anna is part Nyal, and her heat is pulling the men around her into rut. If she stays on Earth, it can get very bad very quickly. Running to the stars is her only hope to spare herself the fate of her ancestors.

Quake isn’t eager to take a bride, but when he is presented with a portrait of himself and the Terran woman whose file he was just given, wrapped in a lover’s embrace, he knows fate when it shows up in full colour.



The heroine’s mating heat and the history of the women in her family is sad and compelling. This is a moving story but the romance could be better developed.


I am going to miss this world.


These last books are at once more nuanced and then sometimes lackluster but still worth a quick escape read.

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