Deegan’s Rescue (Survivors of Paradise, #2) by Kimberlyn Day Review


Deegan's Rescue: Survivors of Paradise (Book 2 ) - Kimberlyn Day

Deegan is so sick of aliens. Especially one particularly hunky—and pushy—Abbaleer.

Tugarth can take his muscles and his sweetness and his protectiveness and his muscles…so many muscles…such big, strong muscles…No!

No muscles.

No flirting.

No sex.

Yeah…right. One kiss and everything Deegan thinks she wants ends up out the airlock. Instead of holding on to her hard-won independence, she winds up lifebonded to a possessive, endearingly gruff alien who openly admits to being over the moon.

So what’s a girl to do when it turns out that her alien husband might have tricked her into lifebonding? Unfortunately for Tugarth, he’ll soon find out.

Deegan survived Paradise, Tugarth will have to survive her.




It is hard to to like a hero who is just so into the heroine. Awww.


The heroine is resistant but can’t help be charmed herself by the hero.


We get a good arc of the series plot here learning more about what changed the humans and the world is nicely built.



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