Conflict (Terran Times) Viola Grace Review


Conflict - Viola Grace

Kaia has lived to fight, to protect those who could not protect themselves. After a disastrous battle that left her nearly dead, she wakes to find herself on Ikanni with dark elves all around. Kaia is given an energy being to boost her acceptance into local society and the elf lord who says they are linked at a basic level will not let her out of his sight.

Thaxis has been dreaming of the woman with chalky skin and blue and green hair. The moment he feels that she is in deadly danger, he risks his life to rescue her from certain destruction. How can a man reap the rewards of rescuing a damsel in distress when she is too wounded to see him?

Self-control is all Thaxis knows, but why is it that it goes out the window when he deals with the moon-bright Terran?




The hero is this short story is great. We get a real sense of him which is uncommon in this series. He loves the heroine for exactly who she is. He is very alpha as is she so it is fun to watch them work it out.


Good stuff.

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