Confiscated Bride by Yamila Abraham Review


Confiscated Bride - BBW SciFi Romance - Yamila Abraham

Ambassador Janel is proud to have finally brokered an alliance with the powerful Haraden. What cinched the deal? The Haraden warriors want brides. Since war ravaged her planet’s male population they actually have a surplus of women looking for husbands. It seems like a win-win.

General Kordan, the austere Haraden negotiator Janel spent days wearing down, approaches her out of the blue. She’s not married—and the warrior general has his eyes on her. For some reason, she feels compelled to go to him.

Unfortunately her timing for a visit to a Haraden home world could not have been worse. Was she being courted or confiscated



Sigh. Just when this romance was really going to take off and we were going to get couple time, cultural adjustments, and courting, the plot turns into betrayal on a global scale lameness.




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