Caged By The Alien (Celestial Mates Book 4) by Marla Therron Review


Alien Romance: Caged By The Alien: Scifi Alien Abduction Romance (Alien Romance, Alien Invasion Romance, BBW) (Celestial Mates Book 4) - Marla Therron

Ambassador Penny Allyn is about to embark on the most important mission of her career- Representing humanity during First Contact with an alien species.
A carefully selected team of experts have been chosen to follow a series of mysterious broadcasts across space to an alien planet and introduce humanity to a new intelligent species for the first time.

But just as they reach the alien planet, a disaster no one could have anticipated throws Penny and her entire team into danger, and their mission becomes one of avoiding what seems to be an inevitable interstellar war.

Aiten Tau, the mysterious and powerful commander of the alien’s military forces, is put in charge of Penny and her team, and takes particular interest in Penny.
They struggle to understand each other in time to prevent a cosmic catastrophe, but their growing feelings for each other may only get in the way. Giving in to her passion for the Alien Commander could make Penny the vanguard of an interplanetary war…





The world building in this romance is very good.


I tend to really like science fiction romance novels where the aliens evolved from another animal. I especially like it when the aliens are humanoid aliens because the 9th Orb by Kaitlyn O’Connor is such a great book.


The aliens here are descended from bees. Our hero is not exactly right according to their biology and that makes it possible for him to fall in love with our heroine.


There is a good deal of culture clash that makes for a good story.


My non love of the book has to do with pacing. The opening scene is really one of the last of the book and then everything is in flashback. This tends to slow down he action for me and also makes the book darker than it needs to be.


However, the writing in this book is a huge improvement over the other books I have read by this writer and I look forward to her next book.

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