Halt (Terran Times) by Viola Grace


Halt - Viola Grace

Tazzy is a peacekeeper for the Nyal Imperium. Her job consists of going where they tell her and keeping the peace. Stationed on a world as liaison between local government and the imperium, she is shocked to find herself caught between two men, one she has only just met and the other she had given up for dead.

Silver is shocked to see his ex-partner on the news vids, escorting a male Companion out of a dance club. If any man is going to be running their hands over that peacekeeper, it will be him. He sets things into motion that will put her in his path, but he has to beat his own brother to her and that is no mean feat.




Annoyed.  Here is the thing. Viola Grace is a production based writer. She has a world. She writes into to it.  She produces her short stories at a rate for profit. Her inspiration comes from the book covera and other sources more than a carefully plotted plan for the series.


I like the world and I like her imagination. I also like these simple stories when my life is dense and complex. 


At the end of each book, she has a note. In this one, she makes clear she ran out of time. 


She short changed the book. I would rather her have been late. 


This was a great read until it just ended. Bleh. 


This really isn’t a love triangle. It is a sweet romance of reunited friends who have suffered. 

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