Dancer (Terran Times) Viola Grace Review


Dancer (Terran Times) - Viola Grace

Del is taking erotic dance classes at the Companion Centre when she locks eyes with a huge, burly alien with a vivid green gaze. He has come to secure a Companion to act as a permanent host to a goddess, but when he hears Del’s bright laughter, he changes his target from Companion to dancer.

Kurat has been raised as host to two gods. Changes in his body have made it difficult for him to take a casual lover, only a mate will do. With Del’s bright soul welcoming his, he knows the moment he meets her that she will be the one the goddesses will accept.

With the god of lust and the god of war agreeing to his choice, Kurat’s entire being is in agreement. The dancer will be theirs.





This short science fiction romance takes all kinds of twists and turns. The secondary romance is just as compelling as the primary one but we don’t get to see as much of that love story as we could. 


This is an interesting world and characters worth reading about. 

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