Stranded With The Alien Assassin (Celestial Mates, #3) by Marla Therron Review


Alien Romance: Stranded With The Alien Assassin: Scifi Alien Abduction Romance (Alien Romance, Alien Invasion Romance, BBW) (Celestial Mates Book 3) - Marla Therron

In a shocking turn of events, Jayne Mannet ends up stranded with an alien assassin, causing a conflict between her heart and her head. 

In Imdali, it has always been about what the eye doesn’t see.

To a fast-talking girl from New York, it was never a place Jayne Mannet should have been. Being kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder, Jayne must find a way to escape and make her way back home, all the while trying not to lose her humanity in the process.

But that becomes difficult when one of them responsible for her kidnapping, a mysterious, secretive alien named D’Anil Troga, becomes closer and closer to her in ways that Jayne could have never expected, causing a conflict between her heart and her head.





This has a cold assassin as the hero. He is not a good guy. He is saturated in apathy.

The heroine is abducted and sold as a slave. I like her a great deal.


The world is pretty well drawn but I never settled into this book.


I never really bought the shift in the hero. There was a lot of action but I needed more romance for this book to work for me.

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