Cyborg Fury (Burning Metal Book 2) by Lisa Lace Review


Cyborg Fury: A Science Fiction Cyborg Romance (Burning Metal) (Volume 2) - Lisa Lace

Cyborgs are no longer mere combat machines and are preparing to integrate into society. Natasha is a nurse at a cyborg rehabilitation center who discovers that her father has hidden one in his home – a soldier nicknamed Fury who was too risky to rehabilitate. If anyone finds out, they will terminate him.

Natasha is intrigued by the challenge of helping Fury. As a woman recently separated from her cheating husband, she can’t help but notice his handsome features and muscular build. The more time she spends working with the rapidly-improving cyborg, the more he seems like a better – and sexier – man than her ex ever was.

But Natasha’s ex won’t accept that their marriage is over. He’s not above resorting to threats and violence to get her back. Fury must find a way to protect Natasha and forge a future with her, even though his existence is illegal.




I just couldn’t engage with this one no matter my love for cyborgs.


It might be long opening in the mind of neither the hero or the heroine. It might be the fact the the heroine is still married though unhappily at the start of the book.


I think I would have liked the book better it started later.

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