Alien Warlords’ Baby (Warlords of Octava Book 1) by Vi Voxley Review

2.5 Stars!

Riley North has done all that she can. The curvy, talented journalist has been all over the universe, covering one war and conflict after another. No wonder that when she’s sent to Octava to report on peculiar fated mate bonds between a rough, brutally handsome warrior race and Terran females she’s not exactly thrilled. And it doesn’t get any better when she’s marked as the mate of not one, but two of the greatest warlords the planet has to offer… or does it?

Harbor and Cole have nothing but begrudging respect for one another. Yet when they discover they share a fated, and then a child, they’re going to have to learn to get along. It’s easier said than done. With a vicious enemy out to destroy Riley and Octava along with it, the two savage warriors need to learn to cope with one another, while protecting their surprise baby and a mate who doesn’t seem at all willing to divulge her past.

Will their differences push them together, or pull them apart?


I usually love Voxley’s action packed to but I couldn’t settle into this one because of the heroine. I have trouble with romances where there is a secret and that secret which doesn’t need to be held so close leads to problems.

The book comes around in the end and the heroes are great but I never really rooted for this poly romance.


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