Lovers and Strangers (The Hollywood Nights Series, Book 1) by Candace Schuler 99 cents

Lovers and Strangers - Candace Schuler

by Candace Schuler


World-weary and heart-sore, Jack Shannon has returned to his old stomping grounds in LA and the Wilshire Arms Apartments to make one last-ditch effort to lay the ghost of his long-dead brother to rest. There he meets sweet, angelic Faith McCray.

Faith is everything Jack wants—and everything he’s convinced he doesn’t deserve.

But Faith isn’t as guileless as she seems, and she’s far stronger than anyone gives her credit for. Having broken free from overly-strict upbringing and a sin that’s not her own, Faith has arrived in LA with her sights set on finally doing what’s right for her—and what’s right is Jack.

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