The Science of Loving by Candace Vianna Review

  The Science of Loving: a geeky romantic comedy by Candace Vianna  1 Star 

If you’re in the mood for a geeky romantic comedy, this just might be your next guilty pleasure!

He was the scariest man she’d ever seen with the voice of a serial killer. Huge, bald and covered with tattoos like a painted Aztec god , all he needed was some gold jewelry and a bloody altar.

Angelina Martin is a genetic research scientist hoping fruit flies held the key to curing degenerative muscle disorders.

Mathew Saint James looks like he belongs on the back of a motorcycle, but he’s actually a rock star in the architectural world. But, while this alpha male is perfectly content with his bachelor status, his little sister has other ideas. Deciding the painfully shy science geek is perfect for the huge, tatted up guy she calls Biggie, tattoo artist Dani is determined to play matchmaker.

Although this is a light, opposites attract romance about a science nerd and a sweet guy with big…ahem…feet, it does contain some not so sweet language and sexy love scenes that some may find inappropriate. So be warned: if you’re bothered by profanity, or explicit, and at times uncomfortable sexual situations , this is probably not your cup of tea–just a friendly heads up.



I wanted to like this book., It has all sorts of catnip I likeL shy heroine, big guy, genius heroine, close family…

The writing needs a lot of work. We have alternating 1st person point of view. However, it is still hard to track whose point of view we are in even with the labeling because the character voices aren’t
fine tuned.
It would be much better if the book was in third person and the outside conflict dropped away to just leave the characters who are interesting enough.

I will check out later books by this first time author to see if her craft improves.

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