Ruth’s Baby (Ruth & Gron, #4) by V.C. Lancaster Review

   Ruth’s Baby (Ruth & Gron Book 4) by V.C. Lancaster 3 Stars 


The Gandry tribe has settled down after Moira’s arrival, but Ruth still feels that something is wrong. The way Gron is acting makes her think he expected something to be different. They want a family, but it’s not happening on it’s own, so Ruth makes the momentous decision to ask T’Lax for help, and do whatever it takes to hold Gron’s baby in her arms.



If you are reading this series, of course you should read this book.

It is sweet and fun return to this world. I would have liked to be in the other heroine’s storyline more as well but I enjoyed this baby seeking adventure.

Feels like it might be the last book in this series.

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