No Light (The Dems Trilogy #1) by Devi Mara Review


No Light - Devi Mara

“Name?” he demanded.
“Sarah Mackenzie.” She swallowed hard. She would be like the ones who had fallen, her remains something to be cleaned from the floor.
She tried not to tense when he brought his face to her neck and inhaled deeply.
“Twenty-two.” The lie tried to stick in her throat.
He pulled back and gave her a dark look. “Try again.”
“Eighteen,” she whispered, tensing when his lips pulled back from his teeth in a shark smile.
“A lie, Sarah? How nice that you are not as innocent as you look.”

The Dems have been held captive since before the world was made. They are the darkness only spoken of in whispers. As much as they are hated and feared, those who guard them are even more so. The pariahs of society, they live apart from the rest of the world in a settlement called Ameritat. That is where The Dems Trilogy begins. An unlikely and dangerous love between a human guard and the most feared of all the Dems. It will be the beginning or the ending of everything.

Sarah Mackenzie was never meant to be a guard, never meant to descend into the bowels of the earth, but The Corridor is where she is sent. With little information and even less training, she is thrust into her position as a Dem handler. She walks a thin line between life and death, as she tries to uphold her family honor and unlock the mystery of the Dem’s captivity. The pursuit of truth will drag her deep into a world of corruption, hatred, and greed and she will have to decide where her loyalties lie. With the humans who have mistreated her or the Dem who could destroy them all.






This book made my head hurt. I read the whole thing mad.


The book is written so at first we have no idea what is going on. The heroine understands very little and we get to know even less that she does.


It is all very foggy. Then we learn more but never really enough. Then, the badass immortal alien prison falls for a dish towel heroine who isn’t really but how would we or he know.


They take forever to have sex which makes sense given the prison revolt and all but it is still super odd in terms of romantic love.


A more fog rolls in but the action picks up.


The tone has a lot in common with horror romance but not.


So, I was compelled by something to finish the book and was happier by the end but disgruntled feeling that writing played games with me and I never attached to anything.


Then, I read the next book in the series which is much clearer.


So, I wouldn’t recommend this book. I some how got sucked in the vortex of trying to figure it out but didn’t enjoy myself and I need joy.

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