Checked Out (The Family Jules Book 2) by Sean Ashcroft Review

    Checked Out (The Family Jules Book 2) by Sean Ashcroft 3 Stars! 

Librarian Charlie Jules really needs to stop falling for straight guys. Every man he’s been attracted to over the past year has turned out to be straight—including Scott, a cute new library patron who comes complete with an adorable puppy.

Charlie was almost ready to give up on ever finding love in Hope Springs, but when Scott kisses him…

… twice…

… he starts to realise that the gorgeous man of his dreams might not be as straight as he thinks he is. Is there hope for the two of them?

After uprooting his life and moving to Hope Springs to finally pursue his dream of becoming a veterinarian, Scott still feels lost in his new hometown. He doesn’t really fit in at work and his classmates are all younger than him, so all he has for company is his small pack of foster dogs. That is, until he meets Charlie.

Charlie isn’t like anyone Scott’s ever met.

He’s never wanted to kiss another man before.

What the hell is he supposed to do now?



I love me a nerdy librarian hero, so I am all in. Charlie is a great character. Scott is less well done. He is kind and loves dogs and lonely but as usually with Ashcroft a great deal of his emotionial and sexual landscape is sketched in.

The crush trope is well done and I love that Charlie, while nerdy, is not sexually shy.

This a light sweet romance with some unneeded conflict that would have been better replaced with character development.

However, it was a nice escape read. I can’t wait for the last brother’s story.

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