Left Behind (Finding My Forever, #3) by Michele Notaro 4 Star Review!

    Left Behind by Michele Notaro 4 Stars! 

My god, if I have to watch one more happy couple get together, I’m going to lose it completely and probably rip out all of my awesomely pink hair. My older brother is now married and has a family, my best friend is in a committed relationship, and the man I’ve wanted to be with for the last two years just can’t give me what I want… what I know I deserve… I need to do something, go somewhere else and clear my head.

So, when I get invited to a photographer’s convention in Florida, I jump at the chance. Now I can get away from all the coupled happiness around me and surround myself with… all the photographers from back home.

Well, crap.

Why didn’t I realize that I already knew half the people here? How did I not know that Andrew—the head of the jerk brigade—would be here too? Ugh. Well, at least I can hang out at the beach, right?


The core romance of Levi and Andrew is great. They go from hating each other to loving each other and its fun.

Levi is in a no win relationship that he has just ended and Andrew is still stunned from a terrible betrayal.

We get a lot of dating, flirting, and couple time. Good stuff. Levi is a fun character and once we figured Andrew out, he is pretty great too.

You will like this book better if you have read the other books in the series since we get a ton of page time with past couples and future ones.

Good read!

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