Speechless (Speechless #1) by Kim Fielding Review

  Speechless by Kim Fielding 3 Stars! 

Travis Miller has a machining job, a cat named Elwood, and a pathetic love life. The one bright spot in his existence is the handsome guitar player he sometimes passes on his way home from work. But when he finally gathers the courage to speak to the man, Travis learns that former novelist Drew Clifton suffers from aphasia: Drew can understand everything Travis says, but he is unable to speak or write.

The two lonely men form a friendship that soon blossoms into romance. But communication is only one of their challenges—there’s also Travis’s inexperience with love and his precarious financial situation. If words are the bridge between two people, what will keep them together?



I was really enjoying this sweet romance about a writer who can not longer write nor speak and a shy working class hero and then despite how well they communicated up to this point, they stop.


This is a lovely romance about listening and paying attention. It does some interesting work around gender and class issues in subtle ways but I would have liked to see those worked out in relationship rather than in distance.

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