Cat’s Books: Romance Blog and Theme Park is a amusement site for all those that love the romance genre.

The goal is to provide connection between readers of romance around great books and nerd out about the genre.

The Blog provides reviews from all sub genres of romance as well as  lists of top notch books under various romance themes. It also shares romance news and free and discounted books for your one click pleasure.

The Theme Park features curated lists of whatever your favorite cat nip or glom is at the moment, Do you like a Virgin Hero? You can get easily find a set of great Virgin Hero books.  Going to Detroit?  Here is a list of wonderful books set in the area. Can’t get enough Friends to Lovers Paranormal Romance? I have that for you.  Want to read more books with Latina heroines? Here you go!

I, like many cats, am obsessive and love to sort and make patterns. Categorization is is my superpower. I created this site to do good in the world and put my vast  (oh so ridiculously vast and quirky) amount of knowledge about the genre after more than 25 years of voracious reading to use.

The Theme Park has Romance Lands for the major sub genres: Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Romance,  Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Series/Category Romance,  Science Fiction Romance, and Young Adult. The lists on these pages are sorted by themes but all are in the sub genre of the Land.

Attractions features all of the multi genre lists and the genre lists sorted under kinds of themes. For example,  you can check out Gender Studies under which you will find a list of first class romances featuring Strong Female Friendships or bounce over to Professions under which you will find all the firefighters, chefs, and rugby players your heart desires.

My Pinterest Boards feature all the books I know under that theme. I can’t promise they are all good but I can guarantee the images on the Boards are will give you hours of pleasure. It is a rabbit hole of history, beauty, and hotness, Be careful!

The site also features Cat’s Best Romance Reads of the Year.

More features are coming soon!

About Cat

I started reading romance perhaps around 11 years old. My grandmother was a daily reader of multiple books who model who to sit happily and quietly for hours reading Harlequins. Her mobile home park had a lending library that was packed floor to ceiling with genre fiction and contained dragon treasures horde of romance novels.

The earliest romance novels I can recall reading before sneaking Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying was Fifteen by Beverly Cleary.  I still love that book.  My family had a policy of “If you can read it, you can read it.”

Between my public library, the lending library, and my grandmother, I was well supplied with Happily Ever Afters.

My first job at 14 was at used bookstore. A perk of the job was I could take home any book older than a year.  It was glorious to a bookworm like me.

I grew up and got a pile of degrees in study of words, I am lucky enough to teach the power of language. I am a word nerd in the all ways you can imagine.

I am a Romance Reader, Reviewer. Blogger, List Maker.

You can find me as North American Wordcat on Amazon/BN and Nawordcat on Goodreads.

Contact me on Twitter! I love talk about books.

Site Philosophy 

This site values inclusion of all perspectives and the truths that arise from varied standpoints of ability, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, class, language and more. Culture making, which romance engages in most industriously, is activism.  This site cherishes this thoughtful work.

This site celebrates the Romance Reader and Writer Community as hopeful, powerful, and intersectional.

For me, at the center of the best romance novels are optimism, human connection, and the human right to be loved, to be safe, and to be valued. This is often through a female centered narrative unlike most of the stories we are told and tell.

At its best, the genre leads the way and has a hell of a lot of fun at the same time.


In order to make a list, a book must be a 4 Star read and above for me, won and award, or be a good book but a perfect embodiment of that them.

I first publish the lists on the blog as a kind of Top 10. Then, I create a master list that and include more books  beyond those first 10 and add to it when I find new and amazing reads that meet the theme. (This is likely boring but I feel some compelling need to share the process)

This way the lists are never static and always growing.

Always let me know (as long as you or your mom didn’t write it) a book you think I should consider for the list.