Gender Studies

Human Rights

Suffrage in Romance Novels

Fight for Your Rights: Civil Rights in Romance Novels–LGBT Addition!

Women’s Rights in Romance Novels


Representations of Strength and Assertiveness

Keen Minds: Best Genius Heroines Of Historical Romance

Get Your Super On: Heroine Style

Deadly Women: Best Romance Heroines Who Can Defend Themselves

Deadly Women of Contemporary Romance

Deadly Heroines in a Romance Series

Deadly Women of Science Fiction Romance

Deadly Women of Historical Romance

Fierce: Best Romantic Heroines with Attitude

Heroine in Pursuit in Contemporary Romance

Historical Romance Heroine in Pursuit

Kick Ass Historical Romance Heroines

Kickass Contemporary Romance Heroines

Rage on: Romance Heroines and Anger

Actually Alpha Female in Romance

Amazon Warriors in Romance


Bosswoman: In Love with the Female Boss

Women in Community

Contemporary Romance with Strong Female Friendships

Paranormal Romance with Strong Female Friendships

Paranormal Romance Featuring Sisters

Contemporary Romance Featuring Sisters

Historical Romances Featuring Sisters

Book Club: Romance Novels featuring Book Clubs


Women at Work

Scientists Heroines in Historical Romance

Firefighter Romance Heroines

Wartime Nurse: Romances featuring Nurses during Wartime

Lift: Historical Romance Heroine Thieves

Working Up A Sweat: Female Athletes in Romance

Fix It: Mechanic Contermpary Romance Heriones

Best Tattoo Artist Romance Heroines

Profess: Professor Heroines of Romance

K-12: Sexy Teachers Heroines in Romance Novels

Sirens: Best Romance Heroines Who Are Cops

Fever: Best Female Doctors of Romance

Opening: Contermporary Romance Visual Artist Heroines

Gallery: Historical Romance Heroines who are Visual Artists

Better Homes: Housekeepers in Historical Romance

Rock Goddess: Romance Novel Heroines

Castle: Princesses in Historical Romance


Menstruation in Romance Novels

Female Diversity

Tomboy Women in Contemporary Romance

Tomboy Heroines of Historical Romance

Tomboys in Paranormal Romance Novels

Inked: Historical Romance Heroines with Tattoos

Real Curves and the Romance Heroines Who Have’em in Contemporary Romance

Make the World Go Round: Great Erotic Romance with BBW Heroines

Plump: Great Category Romance Heroines with Curves

Paranormal Curves: Curvy Heroines of Paranormal Romance

Full Figures: Historical Romance Heroines With Oomph

Girlie Girl Romance Heroines

Baby Got Back: Romance Novels Where the Hero Loves Her Booty

Romance Heroines Taller Than Their Heroes

Tall Heroines in Romance Novels

Petite : Romance Novel Heroines

Romance Novel Heroines with PTSD

Neurodivergent Romance Heroines

Prison Blues: Romance Heroine Just Out of Prison

Nerdy Geeky Heroines of Contemporary Romance Novels

Nerdy Geeky Heroines of Romance Novels

Nerdy Geeky Heroines of Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance Novels

Asian Heroines in Paranormal Romance

Black Heroines of Paranormal Romance

Romance Books With Asian Heroines As Love Interest

Black Romance Heroines in Contemporary Romance

Black Heroines in Historical Romance

Black Romance Heroines

Latina/Hispanic Heroines in Romance Novels

Native American Heroines in Romance

Redheaded Heroines in Historical Romance

Redheaded Heroines in Paranormal Romance

Redheaded Heroines in Contemporary Romance

Plain Jane Heroines of Paranormal Romance

Disabled Heroines of Contemporary Romance

Cool Blonde: Blonde Heroines in Historical Romance Novels

Bombshell: Blonde Heroines in Paranormal Romance

Sunlight: Blonde Heroines in Contemporary Romance Novels

American Heiress Romance





Dandy, Metrosexual, Clotheswhore

Plain Joes: Romance Heroes who are ordinary looking

Romance Heroes Who Are not Tall