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Working Up A Sweat: Female Athletes in Romance


Men of Summer: Baseball Romance


Hoops: Basketball Romance


Bicycles in Romance

Equestrian, Horse Racing, and Rodeo

Saddle Up: Rodeo Romance MF


Golf in Romance Novels

Gymnastics, Cheer, and Aerial

High Flying: Acrobats in Romance Novels

Vault: Gymnastics ‎and Gymnasts in Romance Novels

Om: Yoga in Romance


I’ve Got Your Puck: Best Hockey Themed Romances

Martial and Fight Arts

Pugilists: Historical Romances with the Boxing

Foiled: Fencing in Romance Novels

Cage: Paranormal Romance with Fighters

Gladiators in Space

Arena: Gladiators in Romance

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Throttle: Car Racing in Romance

Motor Sports in Romance Novels

English Football/Soccer

Love on the Pitch: English Football/Soccer in Romance Novels


Touchdown! : Romance and American Football/Rugby!


Touchdown! : Romance and American Football/Rugby!

Roller Derby

Jam: Roller Derby in Romance Novels

Water Sports

Surf’s Up: Surfers in Romance

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Romance of the Bookworm!

Well Hobbied: Romance Heros and Heroines with Interests

Scent: Perfume, Lotion, and Soap Making in Romance

Checkmate: Chess in Romance Novels

Men in the Garden: Romance Heroes a Love of the Flora

Gardening in Romance Novels

Best romance Novels with Quilting

Best Romance Novel With Knitting

Poker in Romance Novels

Bookworms of Paranormal Romance

Bookworms of Historical Romance

Bookworms of Contrmporary Romance

Om: Yoga in Romance

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