Best of 2014


What an amazing reading year. Keepers and comfort reads all around!

Cat’s Best Romance Reads of 2014










One for anger and joy and another one for joy and anger.

Best Contemporary Romance 2014









Each of these books is a classic and exquisite.

Cat’s Best Contemporary Romance Reads of 2014 List

Best Fantasy, Paranormal, and Science Fiction Romance 2014









  Light My Fire by G.A. Aiken   Shield of Winter (Psy/Changeling Book 13) by Nalini Singh

I loved them both.

Cat’s Best Paranormal Romance Reads 2014 List

Best Historical Romance 2014

 In Want of a Wife by Jo Goodman








Cat’s Best Historical Romance Reads of 2014 List


The Best Independently Published Romance 2014

  Talk Sweetly to Me by Courtney Milan








Cat’s Best Independently Published Romance Reads of 2014 List


Best Romance Novels Read in 2014 Not Published in 2014


Painted Faces  by L.H. Cosway







Cat’s Best Romance Reads of 2014 That Were Not Published 2014 List