Sarah Hadley Brook

Eggplant Highlights and Mustard Yellow Jeans by Sarah Hadley Brook Review

   Eggplant Highlights and Mustard Yellow Jeans by Sarah Hadley Brook 2.5 Stars

Seth Robinson manages a local kitchen boutique and has had a crush on a customer who frequents the shop. Though too shy to start up a conversation about anything other than kitchen appliances or the newest cooking gadget, Seth still hopes to catch the other’s eye. Seth has a tendency to change his hair color a lot, and when he gets purple highlights, it finally sparks a conversation between the two men.

Chris Berger runs a catering business in Bellflower and loves visiting Karlee’s Kitchen Essentials, where he can chat with the cute manager. He has a unique way of looking at the world and colors and is intrigued by Seth’s highlights.

Unfortunately, when they manage to get together, they’re both dealing with major upheavals in their lives. Will they be strong enough to work together to find their happily ever after?



I  loved the title and the idea of a shy hero.

This romance ended up being pretty dull. The plot was fairly ho hum and the character detail just not enough for me. Both heroes felt like sketches.

The writing was decent but just not compelling me to emotionial invest. Not funny enough, or complex enough, Just ho hum.