Theme Park

I adore themes in Romance Novels.

This Theme Park lets you take a ride on best books with certain themes. They are on the list because they offer a great deal of joy for that plot device, character type, setting, or troupe that is bound to be somebody’s catnip.

I am a cat so I like catnip as whole lot.

The list are broken down by romance sub genre.  Browse Away!  Feast and Glom!

Romance Lands

Contemporary Romance         Fantasy Romance     Historical Romance

Paranormal Romance          Series/Category Romance    Science Fiction Romance

Young Adult Romance



Animals    Character Traits   Childern & Pregnancy   Criminals Minds   Eras   Family    Food & Drink

Gender Studies   ‘Holiday   LGBTQA     Location & Setting   Media    Music   Plot Devises (Tropes)     Professions

Race, Heritage & Religion   Social Class  Social & Environmental Justice     Species    Sports, Hobbies, and Skills   War